Summer playhouse

Vacation Playhouse was a CBS network comedy & drama TV series that aired during the summer months starting on July 22, 1963.

The series was created by Richard Michaels and aired as a summer replacement for CBS's popular sitcom "The Lucy Show".

The concept of the series was the showing of unaired and unsold television pilots that did not make the television lineup for CBS. It was successful during its first few seasons due to the fact that the show's concept, airing unsold and unaired television pilots, was a popular concept in the 1960s.

But during its last two seasons on the air, "Vacation Playhouse" did find some trouble due to the fact that the series were running out of pilots to air and in their 4th season, they began airing repeats from the three seasons prior.

During its 1966 summer run, the series aired eights new pilots and two repeats. During its last year, it aired five new pilots and four repeats.

"Vacation Playhouse" ended on August 21, 1967 after 50 episodes.

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