Tough Cookies

Tough Cookies was a CBS network sitcom series, starring Robby Benson in the lead role.

The show premiered on March 5, 1986, but was cancelled on April 23, 1986 after 6 episodes aired.


The series centered on Cliff Brady, a young police detective from Chicago, Illinois who lives & works in the tough Southside neighborhood where he grew up and where he's in daily contact with an assortment of neighborhood characters and high school friends, even those who opt for life on the shady side of the law.


  • Robby Benson as Detective Cliff Brady
  • Lainie Kazan as Rita
  • Alan North as Father McCaskey
  • Adam Arkin as Danny Polchek
  • Elizabeth Peña as Officer Connie Rivera
  • Matt Craven as Richie Messina
  • Art Metrano as Lieutenan Iverson


Tough Cookies Intro01:03

Tough Cookies Intro

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