The lucy show

The Lucy Show was a CBS network sitcom, starring actress Lucille Ball in the title role. The show was a follow-up to "I Love Lucy."

The show first premiered on October 1, 1962. The supporting cast consisted of Gale Gordon, Vivian Vance (who starred with Lucille Ball on "I Love Lucy"), Mary Jane Croft, Ralph Hart, Jimmy Garrett and Candy Moore.

During the show's run, Lucille Ball won consecutive Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series" for its final two seasons (1966-1967 and 1967-1968).

Guest stars that appeared on "The Lucy Show" included celebrities such as George Burns, Joan Crawford, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, Wayne Newton, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Dean Martin, Frankie Avalon, Mel Torme, Clint Walker, Robert Stack and Milton Berle.

The series did fairly well in the Nielsen rating; during the show's last season, it ranked at #2.

On March 11, 1968 (after 6 seasons and 156 episodes), "The Lucy Show" was cancelled.


After the death of her husband, Lucy Carmichael and her friend Vivian Bagley (who was recently divorced) move into a house together with their children.

The series followed the adventures of Lucy as she grapples with the comic complications of life on her own along with her job working as the personal secretary to the impatient and grumpy banker Mr. Mooney.


  • Lucille Ball as Lucy Carmichael
  • Gale Gordon as Theodore J. Mooney [seasons 2-6]
  • Vivian Vance as Vivian Bagley [seasons 1-3]
  • Jimmy Garrett as Jerry Carmichael [seasons 1-4]
  • Candy Moore as Chris Carmichael [seasons 1-3]
  • Ralph Hart as Sherman Bagley [seasons 1-3]
  • Mary Jane Croft as Mary Jane Lewis [seasons 4-6]
  • Roy Roberts as Harrison Cheever [seasons 4-6]
  • Charles Lane as Mr. Barnsdahl [season 1]
  • Dick Martin as Harry Conners [season 1]

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