Lucie arnaz show

The Lucie Arnaz Show was a CBS network sitcom starring Lucie Arnaz (the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz).

The show first premiered on April 2, 1985, but was pulled off the air after 4 episodes aired. The remaining two episodes aired on June 4 and June 11, 1985.


The show was about psychologist Dr. Jane Lucas who answers questions from the public on her radio show called "The Jane Lucas Show") and in a magazine.


  • Lucie Arnaz as Dr. Jane Lucas
  • Tony Roberts as Jim Gordon
  • Karen Joblons-Alexander as Loretta
  • Lee Bryant as Jill
  • Todd Waring as Larry Love


The Lucie Arnaz Show Opening Credits01:02

The Lucie Arnaz Show Opening Credits

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