Law and harry mcgraw

The Law & Harry McGraw was a CBS network drama TV series & spin-off of "Murder, She Wrote" that was created by Peter S. Fischer, starring Jerry Orbach and Barbara Babcock.

The show also starred Earl Boen, Juliana Donald, Marty Davis, Shea Farrell and Peter Haskell. It premiered on September 27, 1987 and lasted for 16 episodes before it was canceled by the network in February of 1988.

In the '90s, Jerry Orbach would go on to star on the NBC network drama "Law & Order."


"The Law and Harry McGraw" was about an abrasive private investigator who develops a regular business relationship with the lawyer whose office is across the hall.


  • Jerry Orbach as Harry McGraw
  • Barbara Babcock as Ellie Maginnis
  • Shea Farrell as Steve Lacey
  • Juli Donald as E.J. Brunson
  • Peter Haskell as Deputy D.A. Tyler Chase
  • Earl Boen as Howard
  • Marty Davis as Cookie the Bartender


The Law & Harry Mcgraw Opening Credits01:01

The Law & Harry Mcgraw Opening Credits

Houston Knights, Jake And The Fat Man & The Law And Harry McGraw 1987 Promo00:45

Houston Knights, Jake And The Fat Man & The Law And Harry McGraw 1987 Promo

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