The Clear Horizon

The Clear Horizon was a CBS network soap opera created by Manya Starr which premiered on July 11, 1960 and ended on June 15, 1962 after 254 episodes aired.


The series revolved around the problems of astronauts and their wives at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

In the show's first episode, Roy Selby (Ed Kemmer) was moved from his post in Alaska to The Pentagon, which gave him a new commission in Florida. Selby and his wife Anne (Phyllis Avery) tried adjusting to their new lives, with Anne feeling attraction to another man.

The show was presented live in its initial run, but it was cancelled in March 1961. It returned to the airwaves in February 1962 and was now taped instead of being presented live. This time, the show focused on Anne dealing with life on her own & Roy being trapped behind enemy lines.


  • Beau Bridges
  • Lee Meriwether
  • Ted Knight
  • William Roerick
  • Denise Alexander
  • Eve McVeagh


"The Clear Horizon" was never been a big hit with the viewing audience as a whole, even in the 1960-1961 season. The low ratings of the show (its 1961-1962 ratings were 3.5, putting it at the bottom of the daytime ratings list) ensured its permanent cancellation in June of 1962 at which point Anne and Roy would be reunited.

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