The cavanaughs

The Cavanaughs was a CBS network sitcom that was created by Robert Molone, starring Christine Ebersole, Barnard Hughes, Peter Michael Goetz, John Short, Mary Tanner Bailey, Parker Jacobs and Danny Cooksey.

It aired on December 1, 1986 and lasted from July 27, 1989 for two seasons and 26 episodes.


"The Cavanaughs" was about Francis "Pop" Cavanaugh, a 71-year-old, blue-collar Irish Catholic man living in South Boston with his daughter Kit and son Chuck as well as Chuck's sons and daughter.


  • Barnard Hughes as Francis "Pop" Cavanaugh
  • Christine Ebersole as Kit Cavanaugh
  • Peter Michael Goetz as Chuck Cavanaugh
  • Mary Tanner as Mary Margaret Cavanaugh
  • John Short as Father Chuck Cavanaugh Jr.
  • Danny Cooksey as Kevin Cavanaugh
  • Parker Jacobs as John Cavanaugh


The Cavanaughs Opening Credits01:02

The Cavanaughs Opening Credits

The Cavanaughs Series Premiere Promo00:11

The Cavanaughs Series Premiere Promo

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