Raggedy ann and andy

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy was a CBS network animated TV series based on the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls created by Johnny Gruelle.

The show premiered on September 17, 1988 and was produced directly by CBS in honor of the characters' 70th anniversary.

The series lasted from September 17, 1988 and aired for 13 episodes. Although the show was retired in 1990, CBS aired reruns in 1991.


"The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy" was about a little girl named Marcella whose Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls would come to life when no humans were present in her bedroom.

Then, the two of them would be whisked off to a parallel world to save its inhabitants from the villain, an evil but inept sorcerer known as Cracklin.

Also aiding Raggedy Ann and Andy were two of Marcella's other stuffed animals, a panda with a faux-British accent known as Grouchy Bear and a stuffed rabbit known as Sunny Bunny.

Sometimes, they would be joined by more modern toys such as robots or toy soldiers. Often the plot involved the toys helping children in such places as Ancient Egypt or a Native American tribe.

Voice CastEdit

  • Christina Lange as Raggedy Ann
  • Josh Rodine as Raggedy Andy
  • Charles Adler as Grouchy Bear
  • Gaille Heidemann as Mother
  • Kenneth Mars as The Camel with the Wrinkled Knees
  • Dana Hill as Raggedy Dog
  • Katie Leigh as Sunny Bunny
  • Kath Soucie as Raggedy Cat
  • Tracy Rowe as Marcella

Additional Voice Cast

  • Brian Cummings
  • Sherry Lynn
  • Dave Mallow
  • Danny Mann
  • Patty Parris
  • Frank Welker


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