Tall hopes

Tall Hopes was a CBS network sitcom that was created by Michael Elias and Rich Eustis that starred George Wallace, Anna Maria Horsford, Terrence Howard, Kenny Blank and Karla Green.

The series premiered on August 25, 1993 and aired on Wednesday evenings.

It was originally scheduled for a 4-week summer run, but after only 3 episodes, the show was canceled on September 8, 1993.


"Tall Hopes" centered on a smart 14-year-old black kid named Ernest Harris (Kenny Blank) struggling to get as much family attention as his 16-year-old brother, Chester (Terrence Howard), a high school basketball star.


  • George Wallace as George Harris
  • Anna Maria Horsford as Lainie Harris
  • Terrance Howard as Chester Harris
  • Kenny Blank as Ernest Harris
  • Karla Green as DeeDee Harris

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