Tv 101

TV 101 was a CBS network drama series created by Karl Schaefer and starred Sam Robards, Brynn Thayer, Leon Russom, Andrew Cassese, Stacey Dash, Matt LeBlanc, Teri Polo, Monique Salcido, Mary B. Ward, Alex Désert and Stewart Goddard.

The show premiered on November 29, 1988 and was scheduled opposite "Who's The Boss?" and "Roseanne" on ABC and NBC's "Matlock."

On March 25, 1989, it was canceled due to low ratings and a controversy about one of the characters on the show becoming pregnant and deciding to have an abortion. Seventeen episodes of the series were produced, but only thirteen of them aired, leaving four episodes unaired.


The show was about Kevin Keegan, a high school journalism teacher who has his students produce a TV news program instead of the traditional school newspaper.


  • Sam Robards as Kevin Keegan
  • Leon Russom as Principal Edward Steadman
  • Brynn Thayer as Emilie Walker
  • Andrew Cassese as Sherman Fischer
  • Stacey Dash as Monique
  • Alex Desert as Holden Hines
  • Matt LeBlanc as Chuck Bender
  • Teri Polo as Amanda Hampton
  • Mary B. Ward as Penny Lipton
  • Monique Salcido as Angela Hernandez
  • Cristine Rose as Mary Alice Peavy
  • Stewart Goddard as Marty Voight
  • Andrew White as Vance Checker
  • Matt Dearborn as Skip the Janitor


TV 101 Series Premiere Promo00:23

TV 101 Series Premiere Promo

TV 101 Commercial (1988)00:30

TV 101 Commercial (1988)

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