Sydney was a CBS network sitcom, starring Valerie Bertinelli in the title role, created & written by Michael J. Wilson and Douglas Wyman.

The show premiered on March 21, 1990 and was cancelled after 13 episodes on June 25, 1990.


The show was about Sydney Kells (Valerie Bertinelli), the daughter of a now-deceased policeman, who brings her New York City detective agency (in which she is the only investigator) back to her hometown and her family, including her over-protective brother Billy (Matthew Perry), himself a rookie cop.

As Sydney struggles to balance her personal and professional life, the main source of her work comes from an uptight lawyer (Craig Bierko) with whom she shares sexual chemistry. She and her best friend Jill (Rebeccah Bush) frequent a neighborhood bar run by Ray (Barney Martin), her father's old police partner.


  • Valerie Bertinelli as Sydney Kells
  • Craig Bierko as Matt Keating
  • Matthew Perry as Billy Kells
  • Barney Martin as Ray
  • Rebeccah Bush as Jill
  • Daniel Baldwin as Cheezy
  • Perry Anzilotti as Perry

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