South of sunset

South of Sunset was a short-lived CBS network detective\drama TV series starring musician\actor Glenn Frey.

The show premiered on October 27, 1993 and also starred actors Aries Spears and Maria Pitillo.

CBS had green-lighted the show with a six episode buy.

Maria Pitillo became involved early on in part because of her collaboration with the Rogow/Byrum team on the Middle Ages project. Aries Spears was hired shortly after Pitillo & both read with prospective actors auditioning for the part of Cody McMahon.

However after four months, the producers still struggled to cast the male lead of the show. It was only after Paramount execs saw Glenn Frey in concert, and recalled his previous acting experience, that they suggested him for the role of Cody McMahon.

Despite being heavily promoted during the 1993 World Series by CBS, only the pilot episode of the series aired. The broadcast was pre-empted by news coverage of the wildfires in Malibu, California.

Due to poor ratings, "South of Sunset" was cancelled after only one episode. In 1994, the VH1 network re-aired the pilot and four more episodes as part of their "Eagles Family Tree Week".


The show was about a man named Cody McMahon, a former chief of security for a major motion picture studio who becomes a private investigator and forms the Beverly Hills Detective Agency.


  • Glenn Frey as Cody McMahon
  • Aries Spears as Ziggy Duane
  • Maria Pitillo as Gina Weston

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