Simon & simon

Simon & Simon was a CBS network detective mystery TV series created by Phillip DeGuere, starring Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. The show premiered on November 21, 1981.

The other cast members included Mary Carver, Eddie Barth, Jeannie Wilson, Joan McMurtrey and Tim Reid.

Because of low ratings, the show was almost canceled in 1982, but the producers convinced the network to give it another chance by moving it to Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m. (following "Magnum, P.I.") and the new season of "Simon & Simon" began with a two-hour cross-over episode with a story that began on the already popular Magnum and continued on (the mostly unknown) Simon & Simon in an attempt to carry Magnum's audience over to Simon & Simon.

The effort worked and "Simon & Simon"'s ratings quickly rose, becoming a hit in that slot and continuing to draw ratings for the next several seasons.

The show moved to Saturday nights late in its run, and the ratings dropped considerably. CBS only committed to a 13-episode season for the fall of 1988, but cancelled "Simon & Simon" on January 21, 1989 after 8 seasons & 156 episodes, leaving two episodes left unaired, including the series finale which didn't air until the show entered syndication.


The show was about two brothers of disparate tastes and manners who run a private detective agency.


Main Cast

  • Gerald McRaney as Richard "Rick" Simon
  • Jameson Parker as Andrew Jackson "A.J." Simon
  • Mary Carver as Cecilia Simon
  • Eddie Barth as Myron Fowler [episodes 1-36]
  • Jeannie Wilson as Janet Fowler [episodes 1-43]
  • Tim Reid as Lt. Marcel Prust "Downtown" Brown [episodes 43-127]
  • Joan McMurtrey as Lt. Abigail Marsh [episodes 128-156]

Recurring Cast

  • Daphne Maxwell-Reid as Temple Hill [seasons 3-6]
  • Scott Murphy as Officer Nixon [seasons 4-7]
  • Donna Jepsen as Officer Susie Jepsen [seasons 6 & 8]
  • Thomas O'Rourke as Officer Tom Hanrahan [season 8]

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