Private Secretary

Private Secretary (also known as "Susie") was a CBS network sitcom, starring Ann Sothern in the lead role.

The show first premiered on February 1, 1953 and alternated with "The Jack Benny Program" on Sunday evenings at 7:30 EST.

In an unusual move, the show also had two brief runs on another network. During the summers of 1953 and 1954, reruns from the show's recent season were shown on NBC as a summer replacement for "Your Hit Parade" with the series resuming new shows on CBS each fall.

"Private Secretary" was renewed for a sixth season, but Ann Sothern walked out in a contract dispute with producer Jack Chertok, ending the series' run with the final episode airing on March 17, 1957 after 5 seasons & 104 episodes.


Susan "Susie" MacNamara was a former stage actress (and a WAC veteran of WW2 and also a single woman as well) who worked as the private secretary for theatrical agent Peter Sands (Porter) at the fictional New York theatrical agency, International Artists Inc. Her honest, good-natured attempts to help Mr. Sands (especially in romantic matters) always led to comedic complications.

Susie was usually assisted by her best friend, Violet "Vi" Praskins, the office's nervous and bumbling receptionist. In guest appearances, Jesse White played Mickey "Cagey" Calhoun, a chief competitor and loudmouthed agent business rival to Susie's boss.


  • Ann Sothern as Susan "Susie" MacNamara
  • Don Porter as Peter Sands
  • Ann Tyrrell as Vi Praskins
  • Jesse White as Mickey "Cagey" Calhoun
  • Joan Banks as Sylvia

Nielsen RatingsEdit

"Private Secretary" finished at #24 in the Nielsen ratings for the 1953-1954 season, at #19 for 1954-1955, at #12 for 1955-1956 and #25 for 1956-1957.


Year Award Category Recipient
1955 Emmy Award Best Actress Starring in a Regular Series Ann Sothern
1955 Emmy Award Best Situation Comedy Series
1956 Emmy Award Best Cinematography for Television Robert Pittack
1956 Emmy Award Best Actress - Continuing Performance Ann Sothern
1957 Emmy Award Best Continuing Performance by a Comedienne in a Series Ann Sothern

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