Kay O'Brien was a CBS network medical drama series, created by Brad Markowitz, starring Patricia Kalember in the lead role.

The show first premiered on September 26, 1986 and CBS had high hopes about the series, but due to low ratings, it was cancelled on November 20, 1986 after 9 episodes aired.


The show was about Dr. Kay "Kayo" O'Brien, a resident surgeon at the fictitious Manhattan General who struggles to balance her professional and personal life.


  • Patricia Kalember as Dr. Kay "Kayo" O'Brien
  • Brian Benben as Dr. Mark Doyle
  • Priscilla Lopez as Rosa Villanueva, RN
  • Jan Rubes as Dr. Josef Wallach
  • Lane Smith as Doctor Robert Moffitt
  • Tony Soper as Dr. Cliff Margolis
  • Keone Young as Dr. Michael Kwan


Kay O'Brien Opening Credits01:01

Kay O'Brien Opening Credits

Kay O'Brien Series Premiere Promo00:28

Kay O'Brien Series Premiere Promo

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