Green acres

Green Acres was a CBS network sitcom that was created by Jay Sommers which premiered on September 15, 1965. It was based on his 1950 radio series "Granby's Green Acres."

The show starred Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor, Pat Buttram, Frank Cady, Tom Lester, Hank Patterson, Barbara Pepper and Alvy Moore.

During its six-year run, it had received solid ratings.

On April 27, 1971, "Green Acres" was cancelled after 6 seasons and 170 episodes due to the network's "rural purge" at the time. A reunion movie "Return to Green Acres" aired in 1990.


"Green Acres" was about a New York City attorney and his wife as they attempt to live as genteel farmers in the bizarre community of Hooterville.


  • Eddie Albert as Oliver Wendell Douglas
  • Eva Gabor as Lisa Gronyitz Douglas
  • Pat Buttram as Mr. Eustace Haney
  • Tom Lester as Eb Dawson
  • Alvy Moore as Hank Kimball
  • Hank Patterson as Fred Ziffel
  • Frank Cady as Sam Drucker
  • Barbara Pepper as Doris Ziffel [seasons 1-4]
  • Fran Ryan as Doris Ziffel [seasons 5-6]
  • Sid Melton as Alf Monroe [seasons 2-4]
  • Mary Grace Canfield as Ralph Monroe [seasons 2-6]
  • Kay E. Kuter as Newt Kiley [seasons 1-5]
  • Eleanor Audley as Mother Eunice Douglas [seasons 1-4]


Green Acres Opening Credits01:06

Green Acres Opening Credits

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