Checking in

Checking In was a CBS sitcom and spin-off of "The Jeffersons" starring Marla Gibbs, Patrick Collins, Liz Torres, Larry Linville, Ruth Brown, Jordan Gibbs and Robert Costanzo.

The show premiered on April 9, 1981, but due to low ratings, the show was canceled on April 30, 1981, lasting only 4 episodes.


The show was about the Jeffersons' maid, Florence Johnston who accepts a job to become the executive housekeeper at the fictional St. Frederick Hotel in Manhattan, New York.

After the series was cancelled, Marla Gibbs returned to her regular role on "The Jeffersons" and it was explained that the St. Frederick Hotel had burned down.


  • Marla Gibbs as Florence Johnston
  • Patrick Collins as Earl Bellamy
  • Robert Costanzo as Hank Sabatino
  • Jordan Gibbs as Dennis
  • Larry Linville as Lyle Block
  • Liz Torres as Elena Beltran

Episode ListEdit

  1. Boo Who? (04\09\1981)
  2. Block's Party (04\16\1981)
  3. Who's Side Are You On? (04\23\1981)
  4. Florence and the Salesman (04\30\1981)


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Checking In Promo

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