CBS Kidshow or known as CBS Kids or CBS Kidz is a saturday morning block on CBS in 1994 until 2000. And The preschool block is aimed to younger children 4-5 and up. in 2016. They changed the channel title into the CBS kids programming block. The new Preschool shows on CBS kids are Astroblast! The Mr. Men Show, Veggietales in the house, Jelly Jamm, 64 Zoo Lane, And Sarah & Duck as well. And in that year. The Brand new series just added called The Upside Down Show. And after that year. In 2017. It aired some Brand new CBS kids preschool shows such as Sesame Street, Wow Wow Wubbzy!, Hey Duggee!, Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Wacky Adventures of Ronald Mcdonald, Pocoyo, Gullah Gullah island Peppa Pig, Rubbadubbers, And Oswald. And soon this year. The hosts of the Preschool Television Network Just Make A Brand New Preschool show called Tickety toc. And They also have Theme park called CBS Sports Kids Land. Where kids can hug, hi five and shake hands with The Characters from all Kid shows like Comet, Sputnik, Halley, Radar, Jet, Mr Tickle, Little miss chatterbox and so much more. They have a Live attraction there called CBS Sports Kids Live On Stage! And Another one called CBS Sports Kids Live on tour! Lets Have Fun Together! And They have a children's movie cinema called The CBS sports kids Theatre. And Kids And parents are allowed to have Popcorn, A Drink, And Snacks at the movie. And they can also ride fantastic coaster rides and attractions too!

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