All's Fair

All's Fair was a CBS network sitcom, created by Norman Lear, starring Richard Crenna & Bernadette Peters in the lead roles.

The show first premiered on September 20, 1976 and ended on April 30, 1977 after one season & 24 episodes.


Set in Washington, D.C., "All's Fair" was about Richard C. Barrington, a 49-year-old conservative columnist Richard C. Barrington (Richard Crenna) and Charlotte "Charley" Drake, a 23-year-old liberal photographer who become romantically involved.

The complications of their politics and the age difference provide the story lines & they are "separated by politics, generation gap, manners and living styles".


  • Richard Crenna as Richard C. Barrington
  • Bernadette Peters as Charlotte "Charley" Drake
  • Lee Chamberlin as Lucy Daniels
  • J.A. Preston as Allen Brooks
  • Judith Kahan as Ginger Livingston
  • Jack Dodson as Senator Wayne Joplin


The reviewer for Knight News Wire wrote that the show "looks like the best new comedy series of the year...The show looks sound in both writing and acting ... the characters spend a lot of time shouting. Lear seems to have decided ... that high-decibel dialogue is necessary to hold the attention of a large audience."

The critic for The New York Times wrote that "The casting is first-rate and the finger-snapping pace of the show leaves just about everything looking easy and undemanding."

The reviewer for Copley News Service wrote that he did not believe in the relationship (between Richard Crenna and Bernadette Peters).

However, he wrote that "it works. It works because Crenna is an expert farceur and Peters is, well, cute and full of the old ginger. It works because the dialogue has crackle and wit. ... Peters has spunk and spirit and a bawdy and snappishly delightful wit ... a well-paced, intelligently conceived and altogether trenchant comedy and I don't see how it can miss."


Bernadette Peters was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role on the series.

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